Want to Play Like a Blackjack Professional? Let Us Show You How

We would like to enhance your blackjack knowledge in areas of strategies and the famous lucky blackjack edge. The following information can be utilized at home or at the casino live tables. We have outlined pointers which will make you play like a professional black player, amazing your friends and the surrounding audience. Please continue to read if you would like to know these tested and proven techniques.

What you need to know

Please be aware that it is hardly unlikely that you will walk into any casino, where there are no security personnel, floor mangers, pit bosses and let’s not forget the great electronic eye in the sky watching your every move. If you go into these places with the intention to cheating please do not.

First pointer is not to make any drastic gestures with your hand or hands to give the dealer any inclination that you are going to touch your initial chip bet on the table. You do not want the dealer to reprimand you at the table. The dealer maybe under the impression that you are trying to cheat the casino, by trying to increase your chip count due to the assumption that you have a strong hand and want to adjust the payout odds in your favor.

When increasing your bet due to whatever blackjack strategy you deem necessary, please follow this core rule and place the additional chips next to the initial chip stack, placing them on top is frowned upon by most professional card dealers. So please follow rule one and leave the initial chip bet alone. This will avoid an embarrassing situation whether in a casino or at home playing with your selected game players.

When handling your cards please ensure that you handle you cards as little as possible and in full view of the house dealer, the dealer will be extremely vigilant watching all the cards on the blackjack table. We will avoid being accused of cheating when applying this technique.

It is imperative that you familiarize yourself with the various blackjack hand signals, you may ask yourself why? Why cannot one just verbally indicate the card options for that particular card play? Well just think about if you are in a live Casino that is really busy, and buzzing with people, slot machine spewing out metallic coins in the cash tray and other background noises, the dealer may not be able to accurately hear your instruction or request for that particular card play, hence in come the needs for blackjack hand signals.

How to signal the “Hit me” command this hand motion is executed by making a gentle “come hither” motion with two fingers or more in an inverted manner (upside down). So in fact it looks like you are scratching the felt on the table behind your cards in play.

How to indicate the “stand” or “stay” signal imagine that you are waving to someone goodbye, using this same motion in a gentle manner, apply this motion just above your cards in play and with your palm pointing down on the table. And you will be playing your game with maximum enjoyment whatever the volume level of the audience you are in.

Blackjack strategy
Certain situations may occur when playing and if they arise you need to know the technique to apply at the right time, this will not only enhance your probability of winning but will increase the enjoyment factor also.

1: Insurance
Well this is when the game becomes intriguing; executing this option we see that the dealer has an ace card facing up as his show card, we have the opportunity to make a side wager that his down card has a value of ten giving him blackjack. If you guess right and his down card does have a value of ten then you win that wager at a pay rate of 2 to 1 on the insurance wager you placed. If you guess wrong well you lose your insurance wager. This is one choice you have to think about carefully before deploying.

2: Doubling down:
This is a well known concept to use when, you are dealt a card having a value of ten or eleven, and the dealer has a bad value up card, when you receive your initial hand, you can increase your wager amount up to the amount of you initial bet this is termed “doubling down” the dealer will deal you only one additional card. This doubling down may be done on any two cards, and also after splitting a pair.

3: Splitting:
Let us visualize that you are initially dealt two cards which have the exact identical card value; you have the option of splitting them into two separate hands, so each hand is now played separately. Please note that rules dictate you must match your original bet if you take this option. I hear some of you saying how many times am I allowed to split my hand? The rule states that you can split up to three more times, thus presenting you with four separate hands. Please check the rulings they may change depending on location.

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