How to Play Big Pots Poker

With time we have found newer and better types of playing games which probably people of the past have never imagined. Games nowadays are not just an outdoor and indoor version as how it used to be characterized as. Here in this edition we discuss on how to play ‘Big Pots Poker’.

Even if you are not much familiar with the ways on how to play big pots poker, the net would provide you with sufficient data on how to go about with the same. Playing this game can be defined as both good as well as a bad strategy. When you win the game, its good, whereas when you lose it, it obviously bad for you!

Betting is the keyword for this game, and whatever methods are used to play this, all depends upon how one can speculate and play. Betting can be done by two common types, namely no-limit betting and the pot-limit betting. In the former case, you can go ‘all-in’ whereas in the latter case, you can bet only till the pot size.

It would be better to explain this with the help of an example. In cases when you want to win a pot worth $500, and you want to win before the turn, then an aggressive betting has to be done before the turn. Betting on the pot can create a larger effect on the other players who are playing, as it ends in frightening them. There are chances that by doing this you could even win an additional amount of $500, and in cases it doesn’t then you are obviously left with lesser amount of competition! Hence this is a great tactic to play this game. In the latter case, if you have few players remaining, then the play does get a bit trickier and tougher, but again enjoyable. Here you need to ask yourself whether your competitor could have a hand better than yours or not. But either ways, as you have called upon the bet, you cannot stop the play and have to continue.

To win this game, you need to keep in mind two basic factors before playing the big pots poker.

  • The strength of your hand and that of your opponents.
  • The position of the poker.

The best tactic is that one should play the pot only when one has a favorable hand and is sure to win, because in this method, you can continue ‘raising’ or ‘re-raising’ as you are sure your opponents cannot cross over you. Hence the larger you bet, the higher the amount you win.

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